Equinox were thrilled to see the release of their latest TVC production for Victoria Plum air during the launch show of the X-Factor on Saturday 2nd September.

Directed by award winning Director, Phil Hawkins, along with the skills of the talented Equinox production team helmed by Gary (Executive Producer), Emily (Producer), Jess (Production Manager) and a cast and crew of over 40 people, this beautifully shot TVC is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication.

Filmed on location in Didsbury, Greater Manchester, and Hessle, East Yorkshire, this campaign seeks to connect with the audience by taking on a creative direction with an authentic emotive flair. Viewers see an intimate approach to family drama placing the bathroom centric to life. The activity is complemented by a poignant, memorable poem that has impeccable timing, and adds an additional layer of flow to the commercial.

The original concept was conceived by the VictoriaPlum.com marketing team, spearheaded by Marketing & Customer Director Nigel Hunter.

Nigel said:“This TV ad marks the beginning of a new and exciting direction for VictoriaPlum.com. After extensive customer research, we looked at the different roles our bathrooms perform as part of everyday family life. From the functional, such as washing the dog or getting ready to go out, to the more emotional, like finding somewhere private to retreat to when upset or nervous, bathrooms provide just one of many backdrops to the drama, tears and laughter we all experience throughout our lives. As such, we believe everyone should be able to afford an inspirational bathroom for just these family moments.

In the first of a number of different creative treatments, we decided to focus purely on the family, introducing Mum, Dad, children and even Wilma the Dog. It may seem unorthodox that the bathroom barely gets a mention at this stage, but we felt it was important to portray the bathroom as just one of many places where family life unfolds.