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What is Content Production?

Whether you are producing a campaign for TV Advertising, Social Media Video and Content or a Corporate Video to promote your products and services, production is the process that covers all required stages to bring a campaign concept to life.

This includes everything from Concept Creation, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Clearcast Approval (TV), Production, Post Production and Delivery in the appropriate format.

What types of advertising are available?

Content is everywhere and is also one of the fastest growing assets used in marketing.

Developing a targeted content strategy should always start with what audience you are trying to reach. Once this is identified, you can create content for all the channels tailored to that specific audience group.

This can start with content that has been created specifically for Instagram stories, a series that runs on Twitter or a Facebook advertising campaign as well as a TV-ready advert that can be distributed online and across the broadcast network.

Here at Equinox, we specialise in producing content for TV, Online and Social Media. A multi-channel campaign that is delivered via all the above channels, across the touchpoints of your business, can prove to be extremely effective.

What types of TV Advertising are available?

TV campaigns can be rolled out Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. There is also the opportunity to advertise to a carefully selected audience using addressable platforms such as AdSmart from Sky.

TV Advertising Formats are available in 90 second, 60 second, 40 second, 30 second, 20 second and 10 second lengths.

Brand Advertising – typically the 90, 60 and 40 second lengths are used to launch and promote the brand story. These spots allow audiences to understand and get to know a brand.

Impact Advertising – 30 second, 20 second 10 second and 6 second bumper video lengths are mainly used to reinforce a brand message.

How do I get my brand on TV?

Advertising is mainly split into two areas Creative Production and Media.

Creative Production – this is when the initial idea of the video is taken from concept ideation stage to a physical asset that is ready to be seen by the target audience.

Media – this is the process of selecting the appropriate channels for the distribution of your creative campaign. The media planners will book the airtime for the chosen routes. Here at Equinox we have strong links with media planners, and we can help you appoint your media partner.

Video Channels

What is AdSmart from Sky?

AdSmart from Sky is a revolutionary TV advertising platform that allows advertisers to select their audience based on specific criteria, including Experian Data, Demographics and Postcode. This offers all advertisers the perfect opportunity to target their desired audience – TV Advertising for All

Equinox is a preferred Sky AdSmart production partner so you can be assured that you are working with an accredited partner.

We have even produced our own Equinox Film and TV Production TV Commercial to introduce our business to our desired target audience. Check out our campaign here 

How can I use my content on social media?

Having a focused video-based strategy for social media is becoming more integral for brands that want to expand reach and create a stronger digital footprint.

A lot of brands simply repurpose content across all channels and hope that it works.

To create real standout and increase engagement, content should be edited specifically for the channel you are trying to reach you audience through.

For example, video on Facebook works best if it is created in the right frame size, is less than one minute in length and includes subtitles so people can view your key messaging without changing their volume settings.

The new IGTV platform requires brands to create video content in the vertical 9:16 aspect ratio which is worth bearing in mind if you want to reach audiences through this very engaging and innovative channel.

If you’d like to understand how you can create bespoke content for the channels you plan to use, contact the expert team at Equinox.

What is the best channel for video?

The amazing thing about creating a video asset is the cross-channel promotion you can utilise to get our message out there.

Most online platforms are now geared up for hosting content and all have varying reporting capabilities so you can see how much impact the video has had.

It is worth bearing in mind before planning a campaign that some minor tweaks to a single video will optimise performance for use across different channels so please speak to your Producer before creating a new campaign to make sure you have everything planned in at the beginning to get the best results.

The Detail

How much does TV Advertising cost?

The cost of TV Advertising depends on the following factors:

  • Media – where you plan to showcase your campaign
    • ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky
    • Do you want your campaign to run locally or nationally? 
  • Creative Idea – what style of advertising would you like to use?
    • Animation 
    • Real life actors 
  • Shoot Location – will your advert be produced
    • On Set 
    • On Location
    • In a Store  

Here at Equinox, we work with your outlined budget to ensure that we achieve results and high levels of production value for your project.

How long does it take to produce a campaign?

Every campaign is unique, and our aim is to achieve your objectives and deliver results.

The production process involves a number of different factors so it’s always better to allow as much time as possible to create a campaign that is going to have impact.

Important things to note – certain factors such as Clearcast and Delivery to Stations have fixed timeframes for approval and delivery. It’s also important to take note of “working days” weekends and bank holidays.

What are the stages of production?

The TV / Content Production Process includes all the following stages, and can all be managed by Equinox.

Concept Creation – This is where all the ideas and inspiration are used to develop an advertising campaign to meet the objectives outlined by the brand and client. How would you like to portray your message? Do you have any examples of advertising inspiration? If not, then we have a team of talented creatives who can present ideas for your campaign.

Scriptwriting – what is your message and how would you like to deliver it? We have scriptwriters who can present your brand / offering in way that reaches your audience.

Clearcast Approval – Clearcast are responsible for regulating TV Ads and ensuring that it complies with standards outlined by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Production – The production shoot.

Post Production – Selection of shots to be used within the final TVC / Content piece.

Delivery to Stations – The final project is sent to the stations that are featured as part of the campaigns media plan.

How long should our videos be?

TV Advertising Formats are available in 90 second, 60 second, 40 second, 30 second, 20 second and 10 second lengths.

Brand Advertising – typically the 90, 60 and 40 second lengths are used to launch and promote the brand story. These spots allow audiences to understand and get to know a brand.

Impact Advertising – 30 second, 20 second and 10 second lengths are mainly used to reinforce a brand message.

Can I afford TV?

TV Solutions to suit all budgets.

Factors contributing towards the cost of TV Advertising include copy length, seasonality, transmission time and programming.

The rising popularity of addressable TV Advertising means that TV Advertising is now an option for businesses of all sizes. The ability to select the desired TV audience presents a cost-effective way of getting brands on TV.

Check out our ‘New To TV Advertising’ to find out more – click here


Who will be my main point of contact?

From initial concept stage to the end result, you can be assured that our production team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is delivered successfully.

Each project has dedicated Producer who is your day to day contact. Your assigned Producer will be with you every step of the way, from pre-production meetings, to the shoot day, and present at all post production sessions – they will always be just a call or an email away. Here at Equinox our clients can be confident in the fact that our Producers have at least 3 years production experience with the business. 

As a dedicated production team we know that communication is key. Our regular production meetings ensure that the team are regularly updated and work together to bring every project to life. 



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