Vinnie Jones: What a KiK

After a successful launch campaign in November 2014, electronic cigarette company KIK have worked with Equinox TV again, this time with a new campaign featuring non other than the original British ‘hard-man’ Vinnie Jones.

vj Ls

From Wimbledon FC’s Crazy Gang to Guy Ritchie’s British crime comedies Lock stock’ and Snatch, Vinnie Jones now resides in Hollywood. Most recently, Jones played DC Comic Villain Danny Brickwell in high profile Superhero TV series Arrow and has plenty of upcoming projects in the pipeline, but amongst all that, Jones stopped by Manchester to work with Senior Producer Laura Smith on KIK ‘Very Hard to Beat’.

Shot using state of the art technology, high impact graphics fill the screen to match Jones’ tenacious delivery to camera. Laura said, “Vinnie was a complete professional from start to finish and he was great to work with. The shoot was a pleasure to create and the finished result was well worth all the weeks of planning”.


The script was carefully written to adhere to the new advertising rules designed specifically for e-cigarettes. The rules mainly aim to prevent young people and non smokers of any kind from being tempted by e-cigarettes.